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Who Runs It?

This Law optional website is hosted and is being maintained on behalf of Mr. Aditya Tiwari, Who Teaches Law Optional for UPSC Civil Services Mains Examination at De Facto IAS (Previously at Lukmaan IAS), Delhi. He can asked question on Quora at (link)

Apart from him there are two more people associated with website and its post, they will remain anonymous for legal reasons. Suffice to say, One is an asst Professor at a reputable NLU and other an IAS Officer. 

Having Appeared in Civil Services Multiple time, Aditya Sir have secured one of the highest marks in Law Optional in Mains Examination.


He currently Practice advocacy Primarily at Delhi High Court. His area of practice is Diverse and is more of a generalist. Although IPR and Criminal Law are his speciality.

The videos ( All available on youtube channel-De Facto Law)  are taken mainly from his classroom program of UPSC Law Optional Subject lectures and Law optional Test Series discussion at De Facto IAS (Previously with Lukmaan IAS).


Apart from them, there are several student and teacher of law, whose contribution after review is published. A token consideration is paid as it is not a paid website and work done is mostly pro bono.

We can we reached at -,

Telegram Channel Link -

About Aditya Tiwari Sir:-

He is Civil Engineer Graduate of MNNIT, Allahabad, thereafter completed his law from Delhi University. He also have obtained PGD in cyber law from Indian Law Institute Delhi.

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