Law Optional Writing Practice Program

Year Long program for law optional upsc candidates for weekly writing practice.

Intended Purpose of the program

Law optional UPSC student most often struggle to find way out of the writing habit of five question in three hour, that they acquire because of university exam. In UPSC there is 18 question that has to be written in three hour. It Requires practice a lot and lot of practice.

Scheduled for the program can be seen here

Another Important aspect of answer writing is Structuring and content, It also needs to be adjusted as per UPSC pattern. Speed and Structure are the key. Acquiring these traits is a matter of habit and require regular practice.

This Program seeks to achieve above twin objective. First candidate should master art of structuring, presentation of answer than on speed. Speed adjustment can be better done with a regular test series program as well.

Who This Program is For?

  • LLB students who are still in college and wants to practice and prepare for UPSC along with it.

  • Also suitable for anyone who struggles with structure and presentation of answer.

Structure of Program

  • Weekly Five Questions Along with video explanation/Zoom shall be provided

  • You will write that in next one week and submit pdf for evaluation

  • Question will be on fixed syllabus which will be provided to you after joining

  • Duration will be of five month which will cover entire syllabus

  • Evaluated copy along with detailed feedback shall be provided.

  • Program will run in online mode only.

Purpose of the batch explained by Aditya Tiwari sir

Fees and Contact: 

  • 8250 = 7000 + GST @18%  rupees for Five month




  • Email at

  • Phone: +91 8595020903  (We Prefer Whatsapp/Telegram :)

  • Fill the form we will contact you shortly

Start Date : Nov 2021

Payment Detail

UPI : defactoias@icici



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Aditya Tiwari Sir, Teaches law optional at De Facto IAS (Formerly at Lukmaan IAS), Delhi. More About Him