Law optional UPSC

Enrichment Program

Purpose of the Program:


This programs intends to quickly revise syllabus and improve your writing practice in a timely manner with a strict schedule. As time is very limited before mains and student have to cover other subject's syllabus as well.

Start Date : 8th October ( Routine pdf)

Fee : 20,000 + 18% GST = 23,600


Who can join it ?

It is ideal for candidates appearing for mains examination. To take maximum benefit Candidates should have at least once completed the syllabus once. As program will be shirt and full of current development and answering questions so through one by one study like in foundation course of law optional can not be expected in such short time.

Structure of Course (Detail pdf)

  1. Each week 7-8 Syllabus topics will be covered with important case law and latest legal development in that topic, if any. 

  2. At the end of each week there will be a full length test based on syllabus covered in that week.

  3. At the end of each day 4-5 question will be provided enabling you to practice at least 400 + question before appearing in Mains examination

  4. Short notes for quick revision shall be dictated and provided in class enabling you to quickly revise every important thing in less than two hour.

Time Period : Total duration is 40 Days

Starting Date : 8th October

Fees : 23,600 (Both Online and Offline Batch)

Payment Detail :


UPI : defactoias@icici



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