Law Optional Preparation

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Integrated Mentorship Program [IMP]

Integrated Mentorship Program [IMP] aims at helping you self prepare whole UPSC law optional syllabus by self study and Aditya sir as a mentor throughout this journey.

We will provide you with notes, self assessment tools and closed group [peer to peer learning] to interact with candidate preparing for law optional. 


Why this Program?


OCandidates are often confused as to what to study in the Law Optional syllabus as it appears to be quite vast. Those of you who are in the final or pre-final year of your bachelor's degree can effectively utilize this program to prepare the whole syllabus up to the UPSC standard only by self-study.

Since the time period required for preparation is very long, candidates always need mental and emotional strength. Although an ignored aspect, constant motivation is often a key ingredient of a perfect success strategy.

Aditya Tiwari Sir's weekly interactions will add value to your preparation strategy by covering all of these aspects. He will continuously Motivate and Guide the students to maintain the same vigour and energy throughout their journey to success. 

Who should Join?

  • Final and pre Final Year Students

  • Candidates who do serious self-study

  • Candidates who want regular motivation

  •  Candidates who want discipline and dedication in study routine

This program will guide you at four different levels. Firstly, How to study Secondly, What to study, thirdly, assessment of topic studied, and Finally, Continuous Mentorship and guidance. Read more about them in detail.

1. Help aspirants identify what to study

  • We will provide detail notes of each block 

  • Concise and crisp material covering each topic

  • Online relevant Articles/Pdf Editorial

  • Specific Books chapters, if required

2. How to prepare syllabus of law optional

  • Study routine with 2 topics from syllabus given per week

  • Each topic will have detailed notes

  • Weekly Monitoring of Topic completion by Aditya Sir

3. Assessment of preparation

  • After each week for self assessment 4-5 question to be provided

  • Each question will have model answer synopsis

  • Student after writing these may match their answer and self review

  • In weekly interaction they can ask their queries to sir 

4. Mentorship and Guidance

Weekly interaction with Aditya Sir

Any question or doubt can be Cleared by

Frequently asked Questions:

Question: I am a college student and how to handle semester exam along with preparation?

One needs to take out only 2 hours everyday under this program. It leave ample room to for studying for the semester exams. Remember, consistency is the most important factor in success.

Question: I have completed the syllabus once, will this  program be beneficial?

You will be able to pinpoint exactly what sub-topics should be read elaborately. A timely revision plan is what you need at this step of your preparation. The program will address all of these needs.

Question: I am not a law graduate, will this program help me?

It is observed that Non-law graduates are equally successful as law graduates of late. All one needs is right guidance at the right time about whats and hows of study plan.

Question: Will my quality of writing answer improve with this program?

The biggest part of for improving writing skills is to Start Writing. You will be given 2-3 question every week to write. You will also get to learn from your peers' answers and grow mutually. Additionally, you can discuss your answer writing issues with sir in the weekly interaction.

Question: Will this program cover legal current affairs?

Articles will be uploaded weekly on on the ongoing developments in the legal field. You will able to access the articles on your dashboard.