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Is law a good optional for UPSC ?

Is Law a Good optional for upsc

To really understand the question ''is law a good optional for upsc ias exam'' . One must determine what are the factor that determines the suitability of the law optional subject in upsc main exam.

Primarily speaking these are six major indicator that suggests and makes law a very good optional for UPSC Examination. 

1. Comparatively Short Syllabus

2. Large Overlapping vis a vis GS Mains Syllabus

3. Improved Writing Skills

4. Helps in writing Essay

5. Questions are repeated, So no Surprises

6. High Success rate 

Lets analyse these factor in detail in light of law optional syllabus and previous year papers. 

1. Comparatively Short Syllabus

All other subject in upsc mains available for optional have a very wide syllabus. often the subject and topics contained therein are more than what students of graduation in that subject reads in universities across india.

Law becomes a good optional for upsc in this regard as the subject because, law optional syllabus is almost half of what graduation syllabus across law universities in India. Be it five year of three year llb program.

Procedural laws which are often complicated and not easy to comprehend are not in the syllabus. Major subject that included are Constitutional law, Administrative Law, International Law, Law of Crime, law of contract and Contemporary legal developments.

They are easy to understand and are already studied with the GS mains Paper. That is the second compelling reason making it a good optional for IAS. A detail Law optional syllabus may be looked into.

2. Large Overlapping vis a vis GS Mains Syllabus

The Extent of overlap with compulsory GS paper of UPSC mains are astonishing. This overlapping makes it super easy to prepare, as it saves lot of time and enables you to prepare both topic together.

GS Paper -1, Overlapping can be found in freedom struggle topic constitutional development during freedom movement may be studied with constitutional laws syllabus of law optional

GS Paper -2, Overlapping can be found in almost all the topic present in syllabus. Except International relation. However Studying international law in law optional syllabus will help you to understand the concepts like cross border terrorism and state sponsored terrorism etc.

GS Paper -3 , Overlapping can be traced into two section of syllabus, IPR issues and International monetary organisation. WTO and IMF is to be studied in both the syllabus. IPR laws present law optional syllabus will help you to understand nuances attached to it.

GS Paper -4, Ethics paper consists of case studies and most often, it have to do with making a choice between multiple scenario. In case study related to corruption of DPSP. Knowledge of legal perspective of corruption as helps a lot. Prevention of corruption act is part of law optional syllabus. Making law a good choice for ias exam.

3. Improved Writing Skill

Reading law invariably increases the understanding and using of words in its right perspective. Reading supreme court judgement, you must have observed crispness of the letter written. As a part of law subject in optional you will read some of the judgement.

Legal writing is also known for writing things in shorter word limit. In mains exam presenting large amount of idea and information is necessary. Law optional will train you in that as well. almost all the major editorials of the hindu are invariably written by lawyers.

4. Helps in writing Essay

Study of law optional for mains also helps in essay. Most of the essay asked in recent year is ethical in nature. Studying theory of natural justice as part of law optional syllabus immensely helps with that. 

In case of general essay related to societal topic like Uniform Civil code or Triple talaq, Having legal perspective make a decisive difference in quality of essay, consequently marks.

Legal perspective of environmental topic essay can be studied along with environmental law of india. Concept like use of PIL and Environment, or Public Trust Doctrine Makes law a good optional for UPSC exam.

5. Questions are repeated, So no Surprises

Most of the other optional subject are very unpredictable. Often question are from that aspect of topic which is to be found nowhere. Predictability of question is an important aspect of preparation. No one can prepare entire syllabus in vacuum.


In law that is not the case. Almost fifty percent question are repeated from last year paper. Have a look at Subject wise last year Paper , you will realise the extent of repetition from specific topic each year.

You can prepare readymade answer beforehand which will make it easier to complete the whole question in time in mains. Thee is 18 question which needs to be answered in three hour, knowing exactly what to write helps a lot.

6. High Success rate 

Law optional have been most attractive recent year because at least 2-3 candidate with law optional have found there rank in top 10. Success rate have been consistent throughout the last five year year. A detail analysis regarding that can be read success rate of Law optional

All the above discussion makes us wonder is law a good optional of upsc ias exam ? Well if it is not which optional is.

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