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Law optional UPSC Notes

UPSC Civil Services Examination's success heavily relies on the quality of study material and notes that a candidate prepares. Law optional, an increasingly popular choice among aspirants, requires crisp, comprehensive, and updated notes for effective preparation.

Here is pdf of Nootes cleanly seggrated into topics, remeber these notes are intended to be starting point of preparation, using it you may make detailed notes from book and it will save you a lot of time. These notes contains

1. Topics to focus on

2. Type of question asked

3. Important concpets and Judgments overview


Topic Covered
1. Type of Question asked
2. Books and Starting Preparing

Lecture Note - 4

Topic Covered

1. Fundamental Right (25 to 32)

2. Legal service authority

Lecture - 8

Topic Covered

1. UPSC, Power Function

2. Civil Servants

Lecture Note - 1

Topic Covered
1. Constitution & Constitutionalism
2. Distinctive feature of Constitution

Lecture Note - 5

Topic Covered

1. Union executive and President

2. Constitutional position of gov.

Lecture - 9

Topic Covered

1. Election commission and Election

2. Amendment of constitution

Lecture Note - 2

Topic Covered

1. Fundamental Right, PIL

2. FR and DPSP Relationship

Lecture Note- 6

Topic Covered

1. Supreme Court and High Court

2. Appointment, Power and Function

Lecture - 10

Topic Covered

1. Principle of Natural Justice

2. Delegated Legislation

Lecture Note - 3

Topic Covered

1. Fundamental Right (15 to 24)

2. Legal Service Authority

Lecture Note- 7

Topic Covered

1. Union and State Legislature

2. Legislative privilege

Lecture - 11

Topic Covered

1. Seperation of Power & Rule of law

2. Lokpal and Ombudsman

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