UPSC Law Optional Foundation Course

The batch will be taught by Aditya Tiwari Sir (Formerly at Lukmaan IAS).


Online classes will be held from 5:00 PM to 7:30 PM (+/- 30 Min thru Mon to Thu). If for some reason, you are unable to watch or there is some technical error, live class will available for offline viewing as well.

Starting Date : 14th October 2021 (4.5 Month,Excluding Holidays) for UPSC 2022.

This batch will consist Full Course and test series. So students of this batch need not to take admission in test series separately.

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Major Feature of law optional Online Coaching Program

  • The quality of the video provided will be in high resolution

  • Usually 12 hours (Max 24 Hour) of class, the recording will be available to view

  • The question can be asked for Sir on closed Telegram group.

  • If Necessary, with prior intimation you can call and video chat with the teacher.

  • Offline Viewing through App(Google/iOS) and Website

Major Feature of law Foundation Batch

  • More than 150 Hour of class in totalling 4.5 Month

  • All topic of syllabus is divided into 70 Block with Detail Printed Notes

  • Comprehensive noting in class as well. 

  • Focus on type of question asked and pointers for quick revision in each block

  • Five Question a week Writing Practice based on what is covered in that week.

  • Test Series (10 Full Length Test ) After completion of syllabus.

Course Detail

Total Duration - 4.5 Month with 6 Month Video Access 


Note: You can request Aditya Tiwari sir to increase the duration in case of any unforeseen circumstances.

Total Fees : ₹47,000 (Inclusive of GST)

Payment Details :

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Timing : Latest Batch is starting from 14th October 2021.

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  • Email at

  • Phone: +91 8595020903  (We Prefer Whatsapp/Telegram :)

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