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Previous Year Question Paper (Topic Wise)

Note: For Previous Year solved paper visit here and for Year Wise Question paper visit here

Constitutional law questions in upsc law optional is highest and from some area highest number of question come. Read detail Analysis of constitutional law syllabus

Administrative law is a smaller topic and generally 4-5 question comes from it. Read Detail analysis of Administrative law Syllabus

International law is again a very big topic and few parts of it have to be studied in detail. Which part question you should focus more, Read Detail analysis of International Law Syllabus

Generally from law of crime 7-8 question comes in whole paper. But what to focus more I will suggest reading Detail analysis of Law of Crime Syllabus.

Law of contract has to read with special contract. Generally 6-7 question comes from the topic. Read contract law detail analysis as given in law optional upsc

  • Contract of agency Questions

  • IndemnityGuarantee and Insurance

Reading law of tort requires proper understanding of syllabus and detail analysis of tort law syllabus done by us will help you a lot.

Contemporary legal development (CLD) topic consist of multiple laws so, the questions are segregated in terms of different sub topic in accordance with Acts. You can read detail analysis of

CLD Topic here :

  • Competition Act question

  • IPR Law questions

  • Environmental laws questions

  • PIL question 

  • Right to Information Act questions

    How to use previous year paper effectively?

    On our Youtube Channel (De Facto Law) there is plethora of video explaining in detail how to use previous year paper topic wise question to best prepare for UPSC. Topic wise question helps you understand the depth of the question and level upto which a particular topic have to be studied.

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