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Law Optional Toppers Copy

Following Copy are of law optional Test series and Foundation Course Student. who have qualified in UPSC CSE Mains. Name and Number are hidden for obvious Purpose. These are copied of Student of Aditya tiwari sir and have been checked one to one basis. 

UPSC 2021 Toppers Copy

Test No - 03 [International Law] of Kaanchi Singhal AIR 213

Test No - 06 [Law of Torts] of Kaanchi Singhal AIR 213

Test No - 07 [Law of Contract] of Avinash V AIR 033

Test No - 10 [Full Length] of Avinash V, AIR 033

UPSC 2020 Toppers Copy

1. Test no - 06, Law of Crime Copy
2. Test No - 05, Law of Tort Copy

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