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Law Optional UPSC Test Series​

Duration :


12 Weeks, Batch Starting 21st June 2024 for UPSC CSE 2024 Mains. Download Scheduled

(Fill the Form to get Notified for Next Batch).

Law Optional Test Series for UPSC Online Mode/ Offline Mode[At Karol Bagh]

Total Test :


12 ( 8 Sectional and 4 Full Length). Detail Syllabus for each test can be accessed here

Total Fees :



What will you get :

  • One to one Copy Checking over Zoom with Aditya Tiwari Sir

  • Detail feedback in copy evaluation [Topper's Copy Sample]

  • Detail Model Answer for Each Test

Should you Join or When You should Join test series?

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Note : After making Payment Email Can be Sent at or

Contact : 


  • Email at

  • Phone: +91 8595020903  (We Prefer Whatsapp/Telegram :)

  • Fill the form we will contact you shortly

Should You Join Test Series at All?

Joining test series is very important but helpful only if you have completed syllabus at least once.It helps you to really understand what to write. Directly writing in mains will be very bad decision. See writing what you know is sort of an art, you may. be very good on law points but making examiner understand you know is a whole new task. 

Test series helps you properly frame the answers. University and UPSC Exam writing is different. You have to write comparatively better answer with keeping structure and content in required format. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Question: Why should you join a test Series?

Answer: Law optional test series provides a structured and systematic approach to your exam preparation, specifically tailored to the requirements of the law optional paper. It will help to brush the concpet and prepare you to write in shortest possible time

Question: When should you join test series for law optional?

Answer: It is advised to join a test series only after you have completed the whole syllabus or planning to cover it as per scheduled of law optional syllabus prescribed for each test.

Question : What is best time Join test series?

Answer: Ideal time to join the test series is either before mains or right after mains. in first case the aim is to give upcoming mains and the purpose of later is to prepare syllabus as per syllabus and write test to test how much you have grasped over the course of whole year.

Question: Why this law optional test series is Best?

Answer: Our test series result speaks for itself, during last three year we have delivered more than 30 result in law optional. Toopper's Copy  evidence of that. We are indeed the best law optional test series available in India

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