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Law optional for non Law students

non law students often wonder is law optional suitable for them in UPSC Exam. Do they will be in disadvantageous position with respect to law graduates. This articles seeks to dispel any of such myth from the mind of non law students.

Most of the student that qualify for UPSC Final List are Engineers(66%) as per latest UPSC 69th Report. And the number of engineering student qualified with a engineering subject is only 7 % .

Above data clearly depicts these candidate have non opted for there graduation subjects and have qualified in non graduation subjects. law is also the same. Any one can qualify UPSC by taking law optional, even non law students.

Candidates having law optional had been top rankers still some candidate do not opt for the subject as they are from law optional background thinking its will be tough for them or law is a technical subject only meant for law graduates. 

That to, despite the fact that toppers in upsc with law optional are more often non law students.

It is for a reason, that UPSC have made all subjects in mains open for every type of graduates. The questions in law optional subject are framed in a such a manner that it can be answered by any subject graduates.

Interest and interesting Subject a key factor !

Interest in subject play a key role in choosing a optional. You should not choose optional just because it was a graduation subject. If you have had no interest in that subject then you will not study it properly with deep insights for upsc preparation as well.

Law optional for a non law student is a interesting subject. Every upsc aspirant invariably find polity interesting and constitutional law makes it more interesting. Multiple layer of constitutions will open up when you study it in law.

International law in law syllabus takes you understanding laws of sea,among other interesting topic, it cover rules ocean navigation, which is wildest and most lawless part of the world.

Law of Crime takes you to understand most fascinated understanding of crime like murder, as well philosophical aspect of punishment and reformation.

Contract laws makes an interesting read for understanding day to day financial transactions like simple writing a check of selling a goods. all covered under contract as each of those transaction are essentially a contract.

Now, Lets analyse the law optional subject for non law student by taking example of different Stream Subjects Graduates. Namely, Engineering, Commerce Graduate, Arts graduate, Science Graduate.

Engineering Graduate and Law optional

Engineering Student are mostly from mathematical background with good reasoning skills. Law understanding required reasoning skill especially when there is a case type question.  In a given event which law would apply. 

Our Aditya Tiwari Sir, who teaches law optional is an engineer by training himself.

Commerce graduate or CA and Law optional

Commerce graduate must have already studies laws of contracts, including Negotiable instrument and sales of good act. It will an easy paper - II for them. Commerce student generally have sound economics understanding as well, especially, working and functioning of financial institutions.

Arts Graduate and Law optional

Arts graduate including that of history and political science will find multiple commonality between constitutional law and political science topics.

Science Graduate and Law optional

Science graduate stands parallel to Engineers in terms of reasoning capability and that is important skill to have when you analyse different provision of a law.

Other Benefit for choosing law optional for non law students is that, law optional is scoring and have good success rate.

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