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Practice Question No- 02, UPSC Law Optional

Updated: Dec 30, 2019

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“A Question A Day’’ Number - 02

Question: The Indian Constitution has not indeed recognised the doctrine of separation of powers in its absolute rigidity and also not every time a specific legislation is required to give effect to the policy. In light of above statement can we say that the doctrine has become redundant concept with growth of administrative law? (20 Marks). (UPSC 2014)



Write the meaning of administrative law meaning and administrative law derives it strength form the said doctrine. You can add some author definition to it.


In body write the doctrine in detail, its components. Then talk about how it is not well recognized in constitution. Then connect it with growth of administrative law.


Conclude with both approaches, meaning it have hindered the growth of administrative law as well as not hindered it. Cite example of it.


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