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UPSC Law Optional Coaching - Is is Required?

Updated: Jul 6, 2020

Do a candidate need Law optional coaching? Plainly speaking the answer is a No but condition Applied.

Law optional syllabus is short and law optional notes are available in market (Delhi or this website). Law optional books can be purchased online and you can easily prepare law optional syllabus by yourself. But above is applicable only, if your college syllabus was similar and you have studied seriously. Remember getting good marks in exam doesn't necessarily mean you have studied seriously.

Requirement of university exam and upsc answers are different, although questions may seem similar. It is different structurally (content and presentation) as well as speed( 30 question to be written in 3 hour in UPSC)

This detail analysis is done by Aditya Tiwari sir. It have been taught in class of UPSC law optional at De Facto IAS (Previously he taught at Lukmaan IAS), Delhi.

Lets us read in detail about how to prepare from scratch. Even after reading this, if you need a coaching, then only we will recommend you to go for coaching for UPSC law optional.

Follow the following step to Judge need of law optional coaching. And do not skip any step.It will take at least 30 minute. After all you are deciding a expenditure of almost 50 thousand rupees. So decide it with some patience

  1. Familiarise yourself with the syllabus This is very important step. student often don't read law optional syllabus and leads to wrong decision to join law optional coaching. You can familiarise yourself with the syllabus here on this website blogs. The website not only contain simple syllabus but also detail description of the each topic in the syllabus. Read that too. I know you must of read the normal syllabus of paper -I and II. But read detailed one given here. it will take around 15 minutes. The purpose of this step is to familiarise yourself with the extent and depth required for studying the law optional syllabus topics. However if you Still you think you already know the law optional syllabus. Skip this Step and move to step 2. Aditya sir have in detail explained syllabus of law optional in a series of lecture. Which can found on our youtube channel playlist.

  2. Go through previous law optional question paper. Go through at least law optional paper of last three year. You can find it here (Link) . It have previous year paper of last 10 year. You only read of last three year. Better download pdf given in the link and save it. Generally student do not give sufficient time to read the previous year law optional paper. Give at least 5 minute on each paper. There are around 25 question in each paper. Read every question till end. It will give you an idea about type of question that is asked and a overall confidence that you will be able to solve it.

  3. Go through Books for law optional UPSC There are multiple post throughout internet to go through but one personal blog of topper of UPSC 2018 Saumya Sharma is very relevant. You can visit it here All Together you will have spend around 4000 to buy all books for law optional subject. All books recommended for lap optional is very bulky and student often confuse what to study in these books. For solving that problem You can read detail analysis of what topic in that book needs to be studied in this blog '' law optional books recommendation'' Don't read anything extra from the books recommended for law optional UPSC main examination in the blogs of this website.

Then after doing all above decide should you join classes or not. This answer is valid for students who have studies law seriously in their graduation days.

However if your law study in graduation have not been proper or you have not given much attention in graduate classes and just studied to get passed, then i will definitely advise to take coaching or atleast follow this website to prepare yourself.

Taking coaching require almost five month of dedicated classes to cover the syllabus thoroughly, thereafter you need at least a month for self study and revise all the syllabus that have been taught in Coaching Classes.

Benefit of coaching is that teacher with his experience makes thing easy for you. He identify most important part of syllabus for law optional and specifically tells you what not to study. SOme time reading a particular book in detail might not be the solution. you should know what to skip.


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