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Previous Paper Solution: Law optional UPSC

Updated: Oct 4, 2023

Law optional previous paper solution

Why should you buy this Book?

Almost everyone who qualified UPSC CSE 2022 had same message solve previous year Paper, Kritika (AIR -14) Said she wrote more than 500 answer, so said Chaitanya(AIR-34) and Pallavi (AIR 73)

De Facto IAS had total of 18 Result this year, which is almost 70% of total candidates who qualified this year with law optional and all of them said to go with PYQ as it is something which is repeated each year. All candidates were taught by Aditya Tiwari Sir, who is the author of the book.

Feature of the Book

This book is not just another addition to the list of guides available in the market. Instead, it stands apart as a comprehensive and systematic resource, providing solutions to previous years' UPSC law optional papers.

It gives you an unprecedented edge, helping you understand the UPSC's expectations and the correct approach towards answering law optional questions.

1. Improve Art of Answer Writing

One of the most significant challenges faced by law optional aspirants is mastering the art of answer writing. This book serves as a practical manual in this regard. It equips you with the ability to answer a wide range of questions with precision and clarity, teaching you how to frame your answers to fetch maximum marks.

By presenting you with previous year's questions and their comprehensive solutions, it allows you to understand the examiner's perspective and gives you the tools to write high-scoring answers. Each solution is broken down, explained, and analyzed, to aid you in grasping the nuances of answer writing.

2. Stepping into the Examiner’s Shoes

With "Law Optional Previous Paper Solution ", you're not just preparing for the exam; you're stepping into the shoes of the examiner. You will understand the recurring themes and patterns, anticipate potential questions, and know exactly what the examiner expects in an answer.

3. Effective Self-Assessment

This book serves as an excellent self-assessment tool. It allows you to cross-verify your knowledge and the ability to apply it in an examination scenario. By knowing where you stand, you can then fine-tune your preparation strategy, focusing on areas that need improvement.

In the journey of UPSC preparation, every tool, every guide, and every minute counts. Don't miss out on this valuable resource that has the potential to significantly enhance your performance and boost your confidence.

Remember, a journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step. Let that step be picking up the "Law Optional Previous Paper Solution for UPSC" and unlock the doors to your success in the UPSC law optional paper. Happy studying, and may the odds be ever in your favor!

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