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Courses For Law Optional UPSC

Law optional Foundation

Law Optional Foundation course is aimed at preparing you comprehensively from scratch for UPSC Mains Examination.

Latest Batch : 7th June 2024


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Test Series

Test series for UPSC law optional aims to brush your writing skilled to the standard of UPSC answer

Latest Batch: 21st June 2024

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Mentorship Program[IMP]

IMP program is a unique offering where constant touch and weekly interaction and writing practice is provided. 

Latest Batch: 1st Week Each Month


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Important Articles For Beginners

  Why Law Optional?   

Law Optional pro and cons are multiple, one hand it helps student to score more in other UPSC GS paper and other it improves sophistication of writing.


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  Syllabus Analysis  

Detail Syllabus Analysis including subject and topic as per syllabus. Most Comprehensive analysis of law optional ever written.

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  Preparation Strategy  

Preparing law optional in a planned way is an important aspect to reduce time and effort. Smart Study is key to it.


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  UPSC or Judiciary?  

Law graduate often wonder what to go for. Can you club the preparation of Both Together ? Answer is Plain NO. Why ?


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  Law Optional Success Rate  

Success rate of any optional Subject is often the most important criterion for selecting a subject. Let's find out what UPSC report Suggests​


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  Recommended Books List  

Most Books that are recommended are too bulky to read. Only Specific Chapters is needed. Read More to Find Out. 


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Free Resources for Law Optional

 Previous Papers (Year Wise) 

UPSC law optional previous year papers. Download Papers arranged Individually year wise. It gives you an idea about trend


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 Law Optional Syllabus PDF 

Law optional upsc consist of two paper with two sections each. Each paper consist of 250 marks.

Download Pdf here

 Previous Paper (Topic Wise) 

law optional previous year papers arranged topic wise is a very good way to have an idea about type of question asked from each topic

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 Previous Year Solved Papers 

UPSC law optional solved paper is an important way to understand how to write in exam. 

Download pdf or read it Here

 Free Lectures 

Detail lecture with topic wise law optional syllabus explanation as what to study and type of question asked, along with pdf for the same

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 Topper's Copy 

UPSC law optional toppers copy is an important way to understand how to write in exam. 

Download pdf or read it Here

In depth Article for Law Optional

Mastering Law optional UPSC

The Union Public Service Commission (UPSC) Civil Services Examination is a highly competitive exam, with millions of aspirants vying for the coveted posts in the Indian bureaucracy. One critical decision that every aspirant must make is the selection of their optional subject. Among the diverse range of optional subjects offered, Law Optional has consistently been a popular choice due to its dynamic nature, logical reasoning, and relevance to the administrative services. In this article, we will delve into the nuances of Law Optional in UPSC, explore the syllabus, and understand the success rate and cut-off trends and Tips and Strategy.​

Just follow the website and start journey for 300 plus marks in UPSC CSE Mains Examination. Candidates will need not to join law optional coaching in Delhi or anywhere at all. Maximum you will need is to join law optional test series.

This blog website have all the things you need for preparing law optional in upsc examination. Basically You will need following things in your preparation: -

1. UnderStanding Law optional UPSC Syllabus.

Syllabus Consist of two paper, Paper- I and Paper- II each paper is of 250 Marks.

Paper I focuses on Constitutional Law and Administrative Law[Part- A] which are fundamental to understanding the Indian legal system and governance,  and International Law [Part - B] Which covers different dimension of Interaction between different countries at international level .

B. Paper II covers International Law, Indian Penal Code, Law of Torts, Mercantile Law and Contemporary Legal Developmet, offering insights into the broader legal framework of different aspect of respective subjects.

Go through subjects links below to know in depth analysis of UPSC optional Topics. All links have in depth analysis of type of question asked from them in law optional previous papers and depth of study required in them. Click on Subjects for Detail.

For above You will need two things, First, 
Download Law Optional UPSC Syllabus PDF File to keep it handy in your phone. Secondly, Then you will need detail analysis of each topic given in the syllabus Subject wise. Understand as what sub-topic, article and sections needs to be studied in all subject individual topic. Read in depth analysis