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UPSC Law Optional

Dedicated Website of De Facto IAS


Important Article for beginners

Why Law Optional 

Law Optional pro and cons are multiple, one hand it helps student to score more in other UPSC GS paper and other it improves sophistication of writing.


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Syllabus Analysis

Detail Syllabus Analysis including subject and topic as per syllabus. Most Comprehensive analysis of law optional ever written.

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Preparation Strategy

Preparing law optional in a planned way is an important aspect to reduce time and effort. Smart Study is key to it.


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UPSC or Judiciary ?

Law graduate often wonder what to go for. Can you club the preparation of Both Together ? Answer is Plain NO. Why ?


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Law optional Success Rate

Success rate of any optional Subject is often the most important criterion for selecting a subject. Let's find out what UPSC report Suggests


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Recommended Books List

Most Books that are recommended are too bulky to read. Only Specific Chapters is needed. Read More to Find Out. 


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Courses Offered By De Facto IAS

Law Optional Foundation (Offline)

Total duration of 4.5 Month. at De Facto IAS (Previously with Lukmaan IAS)

Venue - Karol Bagh, ORN, Delhi

Taught by Aditya Tiwari Sir. Read More

Law Optional Foundation (Online)

Total duration of 4.5 Month at DE Facto IAS (Previously with Lukmaan IAS), Delhi

Venue - Karol Bagh, ORN, Delhi

Taught by Aditya Tiwari Sir. Read More

Enrichment Program

Starts After Prelims Each Year. 40 Days duration with focus of answer writing and revision

Suitable for prelims qualified student and one who have studies syllabus once. Read More

Writing Practice

Consist of 20 weekly tests(5 Question Each) for 5 Months. Through Out year program.


Mostly Suitable for Students in 3/4/5th Year of Study. Or 2/3rd year of LLB. Read More

Law Optional Test Series

Total 10 Test on UPSC Pattern. 8 sectional and 2 full syllabus with Model Answer.

Suitable for Candidates who wish to appear this of next year. Read More


Reading - Subject specific Blog

Constitutional Law

Law of Crime Blog

Contemporary Legal Devlopment

Law of Torts Blog

International Law Blog

Laws of Contract


Free Resources for Law Optional

Previous Papers (Year Wise)

UPSC law optional previous year papers. Download Papers arranged Individually year wise. It gives you an idea about trend


See Here

Law Optional Syllabus pdf

Law optional upsc consist of two paper with two sections each. Each paper consist of 250 marks.

Download Pdf here

Previous Paper (Topic Wise)

law optional previous year papers arranged topic wise is a very good way to have an idea about type of question asked from each topic

See Here

Previous Year Solved Paper

UPSC law optional solved paper is an important way to understand how to write in exam. 

Download pdf or read it Here

Free Lectures

Detail lecture with topic wise law optional syllabus explanation as what to study and type of question asked, along with pdf for the same

See Here

Topper's Copy

UPSC law optional toppers copy is an important way to understand how to write in exam. 

Download pdf or read it Here

Preparing for law optional ? How this Website can Help?

If the answer to above question is yes, then you have reached on exact website, which is dedicated to law optional UPSC Candidate and  will be providing you with, upsc law optional syllabus and its analysis, upsc law optional notes, including video lectures and online classes, upsc law optional paper (Previous 10 Year paper topic wise ) along with model answer, upsc law optional books recommendation,  upsc law optional strategy.​

Remember this website is for upsc law optional only, not for state judicial service. You should NOT club both preparation together. See benefit of Law as Optional Subject (Video). See Law Optional Pros and Cons

Just follow the website and start journey for 300 plus marks in UPSC CSE Mains Examination. Candidates will need not to join law optional coaching in Delhi or anywhere at all. Maximum you will need is to join law optional test series.


However Before actually test series it will be better idea to solve previous paper of law optional.

This blog website have all the things you need for preparing law optional in upsc examination. Basically You will need following things in your preparation: -

1. Law optional UPSC Syllabus Detail analysis.

For above You will need two things, First, Download Law Optional UPSC Syllabus PDF File to keep it handy in your phone. Secondly, Then you will need detail analysis of each topic given in the syllabus Subject wise. Understand as what sub-topic, article and sections needs to be studied in all subject individual topic. 


Go through subjects links below to know in depth analysis of UPSC optional Topics. All links have in depth analysis of type of question asked from them in law optional previous papers and depth of study required in them. Click on Subjects for Detail.

2. UPSC law optional previous year papers

Go through at least last 10 year paper as last 30 or 40 year paper is not relevant, the  syllabus and pattern of examination have changed a lot. The last overall syllabus was changed in 2007, so read only previous year question paper till 2007. Better download UPSC Law Optional Question Paper PDF file and save in your phone.


For UPSC Law Optional Question Papers visit law optional previous year papers​. See law optional previous year question paper pdf both year wise or topic wise and for ready reference, i will suggest you read analysis of  law optional topic wise questions and download the pdf and keep that handy to be referred along with completion of each topic.​

2. Recommendation on Books for Law Optional UPSC

There are multiple books and that too famous ones but they are all bulky and have been written mainly for academic purpose or for state judicial exams. There is no book in market especially written for civil service.


Only few chapters in a particular books are relevant and so we have provided recommended book each paper and detail index chapters of those books, clearly indicating what to study what not to study.


Do not get lost in preparing for UPSC optional by reading any books recommended especially the bulky one like MP jain or DD Basu's Longer version.

Read Detail Analysis of UPSC Law optional books

3. Law Optional Preparation Strategy 

Primarily speaking Students preparing for civil services examination with law subject in compulsory optional paper are of two types, Law graduates and non Law graduate. You should follow curated advice for both of them separately. As circumstances for both of them is different.


Law graduates would have studies law in detail but may be lagging in studying it from upsc perspective. So start as if you have not studied law at all. 

Separate UPSC Law Optional Strategy for both (law and non law graduate) have been provided in the website blog. Read for detail. there is joint strategy for both to adopt as well at the bottom of the blog above. 

4. Law Optional UPSC Coaching

Law optional coaching is a costly affair there are multiple coaching in delhi, Bangalore and around India which provide for law optional coaching but the problem is all of them are mainly judicial services coaching Teaching law optional together with reasoning there is same syllabus for both of them.

There are certain topics which are similar in both of them, but the type of answer written in both of them is very different, Judiciary in primarily focussed procedural laws.


Those  law optional upsc online or offline coaching Simply club the batches together and once the common portion is complete they remove law optional student from the batch.

It is not a good idea to join those coaching. Join which provide separate batch and better still which teaches IAS other subject as well, as it will help you integrate the preparation of GS paper as well. You may see do you need coaching for UPSC law optional at all.