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Books and Notes For Law Optional - Paper I

Updated: Apr 12, 2020

Newer Version this Post is available at UPSC law optional Recommended Books

This post will give detail of books and its content to read in detail for all subject of UPSC law optional Syllabus.

The post have been reviewed by Aditya Tiwari sir who teaches law optional at Lukmaan IAS, Delhi. The post consist his recommendation regarding books and notes dictated by him during lecture.

Primarily there are three things you should refer for Studying law optional paper -I. These sources should be used in mix up manner. The resources are:-

1. Books for Traditional Topics

2. Blogs and Material online available

3. Hand Written Notes

There are Three major topic to be studied in PAPER-I those are:

a. Constitutional LAw

b. Administrative LAw

c. International LAw

Lets Analyse them in detail one by one,

Books for studying Constitutional Law : -

For what to study in different topic of Constitutional law Topic of UPSC law optional syllabus, and type of question asked in each topic you should read this blog (Link)

From M.P jain book I have taken topic from index page and will give you exact topic and subtopic to study. Dont read whole other wise you will be stuck with the book. It is mainly written for academic view, not much relevant for UPSC law optional.

Picture - 1 (MP Jain Index Page)

From this Topic in the pic-1 read only A, B, D and G subtopic which are relevant for UPSC syllabus. Don't read other things.

Administrative relation Between union and state topic of law optional will be covered by it. Don't read anything Extra


Picture - 2 (MP jain Index Page)

Picture - 2, Consist of topic related to Civil servant in law optional. Read all the topic given in this, If you have the book you will see on next page there are Other topics as well in same chapter.

Read all of it. total Page is 20, easily readable.


Picture -3 (MP Jain Index)

Picture- 3, It only covers Subtopic related to fundamental right like its conflict with other laws, Meaning of state and different doctrine.

FR in detail has to be read separately. Do not read it from this book. Its too large and Not required in UPSC.


Picture -3 (MP Jain Index Page)

Picture -4, Covers topic emergency in the book. Only read Topic A and B(a) and D(c)(d) and E only.

Justiciability of President Rule is asked specifically law down by SC in the proclamation of such emergency. There is philosophical question as well like its utility. It is in next page index of the MP Jain Book.


Picture - 4

Aditya Tiwari teaching law optional, Youtube video Grab of this Picture was taken from De facto Law youtube Channel. You should check that Out As well. Have upload few videos and planning to upload and update it Rgularly

You can after reading above topic close MP Jain book and don't refer anything else. these chapters are precisely written and can be refereed


For Fundamental Right Topic,  Delhi University Dukkeys (Guide Book ) Should be read. Ask your friend in delhi to visit law faculty of Delhi University and buy it. Only read case law related to it. It is given very precisely. Not recommended for handling philosophical types of question. For that Refer Live Law website and keep reading commentary on new decision of Supreme Court related to fundamental right.

For Constitutionalism, Legal Aid, PIL, Topics refer to pdf file taken from egyankosh website. Simply search these topic on the website and read the Pdf after downloading from it.

For Supreme Court, High Court and related topic refer constitutional provision a bare reading will do and for philosophical type of question related to it refer DD Basu book on constitutional law. It is short and precise.

Studying Above will cover more than 80 percent of the question asked in the Exam. Rest topic you can go through generally from any Standard text book and make few pages notes. Only above has to be studied in very detail. Lets Move to Next Law


Recommended Books for studying Administrative Law : -

It is Very Short and require you buying only one book SP Sathe Book and for help also buy I.P messy Book.

From SP Sathey Book read following chapters and almost all topic in following picture. As it is quite shortly written and need not to pic and choose what to study what not.


Picture 1 (VP Sathe Book Index)

This topic not specifically mentioned in the syllabus but helps you understand the subject which enables you to write answers.

Separation of powers topic in picture -1 sub topic -12. it overlaps with constitutional law overlaps.


Picture - 2 (VP Sathe Index Page)

Principle of natural Justice is very Big topic and For Most of the portion Read IP Messay Book Except Rule of Fair Hearing.

SP Sathe Book covers it in very lucid Format and is  all connected concept is covered as well.

In topic 6, Subtopic (c) of the Index page (Picture) you focus more on preventive detention cases. As it is connected to article 22 of the constitution and is a major area from where


Picture - 3 (VP Sathe Book Index)

In this Picture read only few topic indicated below. Its very specific and only given in this book.

Other book do not cover it according to UPSC law optional Syllabus.

Topic 18 on proportionality doctrine.

Topic 22 Finality provision in Indian Constitution.

Topic 1 to 5 as well

Leave rest of the topic not much relevant for our purpose.


Picture - 4 (VP Sathe Book Index)

This topic relates to review of the administrative discretion. At least one question of either 15 or 20 market is always there.

Read each subheading carefully as there have been direct questions on them in past. Like Judicial review ground for administrative decisions like doctrine of ultra vires.


Apart From above no need to refer Sathe Book Read only IP messy Book. As to type of question asked in administrative law and Detail Analysis of Syllabus I will suggest you to follow this link.


Recommended Books For International Law:-

To be updated in a week.

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